Printers in Sorrell periodically have issues with jamming or having other print errors?

I don’t know if it has been brought to your attention but a few students have come up to me about the printers in Sorrell’s computer cluster. They’ve informed me that they and others have periodically had issues with the printers jamming or having other print errors. I was curious historically how ITS has managed the cluster’s printers?


Update 3/06/2103: As with all printers, these and other public printers do jam. The Sorrell printers are very heavily used printers with upwards of 50,000 pages printed per month on the primary printer of the 2 in this location. This location and the Pharmacy and 8th floor Library computer cluster have a dual printer setup to allow printing when one of the 2 printers has a problem. For example, when a jam occurs, print jobs are automatically routed to the second printer in the location. The charging software only charges for 1 print job in the rerouted cases.

All public printers are basically self serve with users having to replace paper and un-jam the printers as problem occurs. Support for major problems is provided by one person who also supports all cluster, classroom and lab computers on the UNMC Omaha campus, over 300 computers. This arrangement has been mostly successfull with only a few issues where individuals have not placed paper in the printers correctly or inadvertently broken a printer while trying to unjam it or add paper to the printers.

Paper is delivered on a regular basis to the locations and the print cartridge is electronically monitored with email notices going to the support person when it needs to be replaced.

The current arrangement has been setup to provide high availability of printing while still being cost effective with the limited staffing that is available for support of this and other campus public technology.

Update 8/26

2 New printers were installed in the Sorrell cluster in July 2013.

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