How does a student track the status of their 500 sheets limit for printing?

A student can track the status of their 500 sheets limit using the icon in the bottom right of the campus student computers. The easiest way to track your status is via the amount of funds still available. Each student starts the semester with $25. Each time something is printed, this number is reduced. The […]

SmartTools not appearing

In some cases the SmartTools are not appearing when PowerPoint is started. This is being investigated and a fix is being applied on workstations in classrooms. If this is still occurring, a couple of work arounds have been discovered. Start Power Point, then close it and start it again. This seems to allow the SmartTools […]

Information for Current Version of CampusPack

The Campus Pack Summer 2012 release is live with additional features, enhancements, and fixes. Moved the datacenters to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to achieve better performance and greater scalability New features like Activity Stream, Reporting Center, and Google Analytics. Over 40 bugs fixed, which are noted in the Release notes. There are free webinars on […]