Printers in Sorrell periodically have issues with jamming or having other print errors?

I don’t know if it has been brought to your attention but a few students have come up to me about the printers in Sorrell’s computer cluster. They’ve informed me that they and others have periodically had issues with the printers jamming or having other print errors. I was curious historically how ITS has managed […]

How does a student track the status of their 500 sheets limit for printing?

A student can track the status of their 500 sheets limit using the icon in the bottom right of the campus student computers. The easiest way to track your status is via the amount of funds still available. Each student starts the semester with $25. Each time something is printed, this number is reduced. The […]

Outlook Email Setup For Your iPhone / iPad

OUTLOOK EMAIL SETUP FOR YOUR IPHONE / IPAD ITS utilizes Microft ActiveSync to access your Outlook email from your mobile device. You can have two devices synced (i.e. your iPhone and iPad, or Droid and iPad, etc.) FROM YOUR I-DEVICE If this is the first e-mail account on this iPhone, iPad, or iTouch, tap Mail […]