Creating and Managing categories

About Categories in the Grade Center In the Grade Center, you can use categories to group related columns together and organize the data. With categories, you can: Filter your view of the Grade Center. For example, you can filter using the Assignment category and view only assignment columns in the Grade Center grid. To learn […]

How do I copy course content and settings from a previous course to my new course?

Copying a Course The Course Copy feature can make an exact copy of the course. This feature can also make a copy of some of the materials to create a new course or add the materials to an existing course. Access the course to be copied, and Click Course Copy located under Packages and Utilities […]

How to Make a Test or Survey Available

Test and survey availability is set after the assessment is added to a course area. Availability is managed on the Test Options page. On the Test Options or Survey Options page, click Yes to Make the Link Available to users. If this option is set to No, it will not appear to students. You may […]